Jan 2019
Pig Pile!

As boys, my brothers and I, along with the other boys in the neighborhood, played “pig pile”. The rule of the game was simple: whoever had the ball would get tackled and then everyone else would pile on. The boy at the bottom could not move and breathing was hard. The weight of 3, 4, or 5 others prevented it. Immobility and difficulty breathing were the consequences of being the guy with the ball. Paul wrote to the Romans (Romans 5:20) that the law came in to “increase the trespass.” The law......

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May 2018

What if all God had to offer was a box of tissues? You know, like that commercial where the man sits out in the street and people come and bear their soul only to be sent away with a tissue and a hug. That’s not much help is it? God is much more serious than a box of tissues. He is more than a hug and a wave goodbye. He is the God who can actually do something about our troubled lives. That’s great news, because, the truth be told, we are......

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