Soup Du Jour and a Faithful Lord

Soup Du Jour and a Faithful Lord

Every day there is a new book on the religious book shelf; some new way to happiness and bliss, and some new guru ready to make a fortune off their new take on life.  They are light, entertaining and, some say, empowering. But the power is all you. And like the soup du jour, its promises and your power are here today and gone tomorrow. You can neither keep up with nor live up to all the things you plan to do to “save’ yourself from your sin and misery.

Thankfully there is a Lord who is called the “ancient of days”. He is from everlasting to everlasting. And He is always faithful. He keeps all His promises and delivers us from our sins with His power.

Even soup du jour gets old after a while, but God’s word endures forever—always relevant and always made fresh daily.


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