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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Here we will attempt to answer some of the questions that we are often asked about our church and its beliefs. This page is linked throughout the site to words that you may not be familiar with like "presbyterian", "reformed", "doctrine" and many others.

What does Presbyterian mean?

Presbyterianism* is a form of government. Local churches are governed by a session consisting of teaching elders (clergymen) and ruling elders (laymen elected by the congregation). Typically, churches in one geographic area form a group called a presbytery. Elders from the churches in the presbytery meet at assemblies on a regularly scheduled basis. The presbyteries from the entire denomination send representatives to a general assembly annually.

Church governance should not be confused with church doctrine. Several denominations have the word Presbyterian in their names and use a presbyterian form of government. This does not necessarily mean that they all hold to the same doctrine.

*The word Presbyterian comes from the Greek word presbuteros which means elder.

What is doctrine?

Doctrine is an explanation of fundamental beliefs. In a Christian context, doctrine is an attempt by men to condense the Bible into its most basic truths.

What is orthodox?

Orthodox* means to conform to established doctrine.

*The word orthodox is derived from the Greek words orthos (right, true) and doxa (opinion).

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